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Uniquely capable, through our intercompany flexibility, to develop, support, underwrite and market all F&I programs


Wide partnership network

Corporate headquarters and bi-coastal support centres aligned to support you



From F&I workshops to in-dealership and web trainings, access a dedicated team to enhance customer experience



National distribution network of over 700 people in sales and training, customer service, claims and operations

Wide range of products and services all across Canada

  • Creditor Group Insurance
  • Extended Warranty
  • Replacement Insurance and Warranty
  • Appearance Protection
  • Traceable Theft Deterrent
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Programs

Training services from professional coaches

In-dealership, classroom and web workshops

We offer dynamic, real world training covering creditor insurance, service contracts, appearance protection and more. Our team includes professional coaches who will work closely with you, helping increase profitability and employee satisfaction.

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APEX – Financial services manager training

APEX training is the ultimate tool for any new candidate wishing to work as a financial services manager in vehicle sales. Our goal is to provide candidates all the necessary knowledge and tools to perform effectively and professionally in the various tasks of their future career.

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Académie – Quebec recruitment services

Candidates trained in our APEX program are available in many regions of Quebec. You can view their profile videos to find qualified new financial services managers for your dealership today.

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Tools and resources to make your life easier

Download our forms on your computer before filling them out.

Cancellation Forms
Cancellation Request Form (All Products)
Request for Refund - Payment to Dealership (All Products)
Other Forms
Supplemental Health Questionnaire (Creditor Group Insurance)
Transfer Form (Extended Warranty)
Quotation Request (Creditor Group Insurance/Replacement Insurance - Quebec only)
Quotation Request (Creditor Group Insurance - Atlantic provinces only)
Order Form (ATL only)
Consent Total Loss Form (Replacement Insurance – Quebec only)

Guaranteed Asset Protection calculator

Replacement Warranty/Insurance tools

What people think

Marie-Pier N., QC

Anne, our trainer, is awesome, energetic and passionate. There's a lot to learn and with her, I've got everything I need to succeed!

Stephanie P., QC

Our trainer, Anne, made the APEX training as dynamic as she is, by adapting the complex content and making it accessible and interesting. The challenge of online training is to keep the audience interested. Despite the heavy content and rapid pace, she was able to keep us motivated the entire week. I highly recommend her!

Mike L., BC

“Just did a claim on a Companion Clear Plus, and I must say it went really well. The back office was amazing to deal with and we had the claim approved and cheque done in just a few days.”

Joy S., ON

“Being a seasoned sales person, I found this training to be refreshing, up-to-date, and learned a lot of ways to approach things differently.”

Darcy P., MB

“After making the switch from the sales floor to the finance office, I feel that this training has allowed me to polish the skills that I have and take the next step to become a rounded salesperson, manager, and coach as our dealership grows!”

Roadside assistance for cars


Roadside assistance for RV or TT


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Our team is at your service for any question or inquiry you may have.

Creditor insurance eligibility may vary depending on the insurance program offered to you. At the time of purchase, if you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact the Eligibility Line at 1-800-761-4655.

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Advantage EX-I
Advantage XL-S
Advantage XS-F
Advantage 70-P
Advantage 70-Q
Advantage 81-A
Advantage 84-P
Advantage EL7P
Advantage EL7A
Advantage EX7P
Advantage EX7A
Kubota Advantage 60180
Advantage XS-F-7
Replacement Insurance - QPF No 5
Hyundai 70-P Protection
Hyundai XS-F Protection
Hyundai Replacement Insurance - QPF No 5

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Creditor group insurance claims

Call our claims administrator at 1-800-549-7227 or click here to report the claim or at 1-800-761-4655 to confirm eligibility.

Extended warranty claims

Return to your selling dealership for repairs whenever possible. Their staff is familiar with the required procedures and depending on your contract/policy, your deductible may be reduced. If it is not possible to return to your dealer, take your vehicle to a licensed repair facility.

Inform the service provider that you have a SAL Protection Plan when you drop off your vehicle and provide them with a copy of your protection plan contract/policy. The diagnostic for the repairs must be authorized by the claims administrator and will be reimbursed by us if the repair is eligible under your contract/policy.

Instruct the repair facility to contact our claims administrator (1-888-444-0301) before repairing your vehicle to obtain an authorization number for the eligible repairs. After the claims administrator has been contacted, review with the service department what will be eligible under your contract/policy.

Replacement insurance and warranty claims

Call our claims administrator at 1-888-899-2448.

Appearance protection claims

Call our claims administrator at 1-800-663-1708.

Traceable theft deterrent claims

Call our claims administrator at 1-800-526-5318 (or 1-800-361-0711 for policies sold in Quebec).

Guaranteed asset protection (GAP or GAP Plus) claims

Call our claims administrator at 1-888-899-2448.

We’re here for any questions you may have related to your contract with us. Call any time during our business hours at 1-800-663-9498, or at 1-877-671-9009 in Quebec.

We’ve got you covered

The more debt you have, the more protection you need

Unfortunately, when something unexpected happens to you such as unemployment, disability, critical illness, or even death, finance or lease payments for your vehicle still need to be made. Protecting your investment by insuring your monthly loan payments is a sound choice.

With our creditor group insurance products you can protect your ability to pay and feel secure about your financial commitment for just pennies a day. We offer the following types of coverage for your loan:

  • Life
  • Critical illness
  • Accident and sickness
  • Involuntary unemployment
  • Balance shortfall/Vehicle value deficit

Enjoy your new vehicle with peace of mind for years to come

You’ve put a lot of thought into your vehicle purchase, knowing that you will be driving it for several years. Reliability is important to you. But even the best factory warranties eventually expire, and when yours does, are you prepared to face the repair bills alone?

Our warranties pick up where the manufacturer’s warranty leaves off to keep you covered for the long term. Better yet, with our range of terms and deductibles, you can choose a level of protection to suit your needs. Most of our programs also offer:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Rental coverage/service
  • Reduced deductible at your dealership
  • Transferability
  • No out-of-pocket expenses
  • Optional coverage/services

Preserve your vehicle’s value and keep it looking shiny and new

Humid summers, freezing winters and corrosive de-icing chemicals severely shorten the life span of your vehicle. Protecting it from the elements will increase its resale value, lengthen its life and save you money in the long run.

We offer a full range of appearance protection products and coverage to help you get the most from your valued investment. Our products include:

  • Electronic corrosion control
  • Paint protection
  • Leather, vinyl and fabric protection
  • Undercoating
  • Appearance and incident warranty coverage

Don’t let vehicle theft leave you stranded

If you have a newer car, truck or SUV and you live in a major city or suburb, your vehicle is at a higher risk of theft. Traceable anti-theft protection helps prevent theft and reduces your financial loss if your vehicle does get stolen.

Our traceable anti-theft program offers you:

  • Theft-deterring window decals
  • Vehicle and major component traceability
  • Benefit payments in the event of theft
  • Potential savings on insurance premiums
  • Transferability when you sell your vehicle

Interested in our insurance and protection products?

Call us and we will be happy to let you know which dealerships carry our products.